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Environmental challenges have never been more critical or urgent than they are today. CPG is committed to net zero emissions across our value chain by 2035 and is passionate about delivering sustainability. Reducing waste and the impact our business has on the environment is paramount.

CPG Logistics have been assessed by EcoVadis and have been awarded a silver rating. The assessment analysed the quality of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management system focusing on four key areas: the environment, labour, ethics and sustainable procurement.

There are three vital areas that drive our carbon footprint and where we believe we will make the most impact:

100% renewable electricity: We will continue to explore how we can switch to 100% renewable electricity throughout our facilities.

Packaging: We constantly re-evaluate the options available to ensure the least impact to the environment whilst continuing to use packaging that will protect the goods we ship and store. We only purchase packaging from FSC approved producers.

Distribution: The majority of items shipped from CPG are via a parcel or pallet network, delivering efficiencies by reducing the miles per package and the number of vehicles delivering goods on the road. We plan to minimise our distribution carbon footprint by using reputable UK and Global carriers who are focused on driving efficiency across their fleets, decarbonizing the fuels they use.

We are committed to ensuring the goods we purchase are manufactured, delivered, used and disposed of in an ethical manner. Business integrity is central to everything we do. We provide our clients with world class logistics with the highest level of ethics and integrity, working with like-minded businesses who uphold the same standards.

Numerous projects across our business focus on working with clients to reduce waste, as well as initiatives to reuse and recycle goods where possible. Our focus on sustainability and the environment is one which will continually evolve, consisting of both short and long terms objectives, meeting our needs now and those of future generations.

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