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Our systems are in place to cater for your specific business needs. We continually work to enhance our services through research, testing and investment in our systems and technologies. This ensures that CPG Logistics remains at the forefront so that we can offer the most efficient solutions.

Technology is key. Using SAP since 2000 it underpins our warehousing operation, managing and optimising material flow through advanced techniques. Our sophisticated middleware offers interactive web solutions, tailored ordering systems, administration workflows and other add-ons that serve to enhance and adapt to your specific business needs. Our SAP HANA platform and middleware solutions are designed to improve customer satisfaction, lower inventory and capital tie-up.

The power of technology for any business, supply chain or logistics provider today is enormous. Its ability to save time, guarantee a job’s precision and to record an audit trail and data is invaluable to the efficient running of any company. As a result, at CPG we are proud of our strong dedication to the maintenance of our systems and continual development of all in-house IT systems.

For all our clients, we offer substantial reporting capabilities that are fully supported by a secure data warehouse. This reporting provides complete visibility on the whole range of operations, including inventory, stock movements, ordering behaviour, obsolescence etc.

Our extensive range of reports are customisable so they can suit client’s specific requirements, however complex. This means that all information and data supplied is done so in a manageable and accessible format and at an agreed frequency. Some reports are on demand, others are provided monthly, or are bespoke.

We pride ourselves on keeping our clients in the loop by providing constant assurance. This allows for healthy collaborative partnerships to grow into strong working relationships. It is this inclusive style of operation that allows CPG Logistics to drive better decisions relating to inventory, formulate more efficient usage solutions and to ultimately drive and increase demand for our customers.

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