Exhibition and Meetings Management

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CPG Logistics know and understand the importance that is placed on exhibitions, meetings and events. We are on hand to provide and deliver an extended service that is tailored for any specific meeting or event that you may be holding.

Our exhibition and meeting management services are comprehensive, customizable and include the following:

Stand checks are performed on the initial receipt and every return to ensure that all stand components are contained within the packaging and all in working order without damage. We also ensure that suitable stand packaging is included to guarantee safe transit. We are able to perform stand checks for varying ranges of stands, from pull up banners to magnetic spider stands.

We liaise with transport providers and venues to manage, monitor and ensure that any delivery restrictions or challenges can be overcome with ease and minimal disruption. Our capable teams will track the meeting order delivery through to receipt in order to guarantee a successful and on time delivery.

Once at the venue, we will also organise the collection of the stand and surplus materials from the venue. This enables you, as a host or participant, to be free to enjoy and get the most out of the event – which can be crucial to growing, developing and improving your business and workflows.

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