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At CPG Logistics, we take pride in ensuring that we have the necessary experienced marketing and customer service teams firmly in place. For our clients, this makes all the difference. We have seen the successes that have emerged from our ability to work with our client’s existing marketing teams and to provide the right support plan needed prior to, during and following the implementation or launch of any new marketing activities.

The wealth of experience that we have built up over the last 30 years means that we thoroughly understand the requirements – however demanding – of any given industry. This puts us in a position to provide the correct channels and services to deliver the desired results.

Our style of working, with and for each client individually, allows us to work as an extension to your existing teams. This, combined with our in-depth knowledge of working processes helps CPG to guide you, so that, as a business, you can achieve the highest level of efficiency and financial return as possible.

We are a group of passionate and professional individuals. But more than this, we go out of our way and make it our business to understand and truly know our customers’ businesses and markets. This enables CPG Logistics to provide the right type and level of marketing support services where and when they are needed.

It is our attention to detail and thirst for precision that enables CPG Logistics to separate our customers from their competition.

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