Barcoding and Security Systems

Providing reliable security and barcoding systems


At CPG Logistics we fully understand the importance placed on security, whether it is the environment from which we operate through to the security measures applied to specific products. Our infrastructure supports this focus, with all barcoding and security tagging undertaken in a protected environment that safeguards both your products and your business.

For higher value items, such as fine fragrances, gift sets, cosmetic products and electrical goods, to name a few, we are able to add security tags to the product packaging itself. This allows for a further level of protection when delivering into retailers.

Barcoding is an essential component for any brand. Our intelligent software allows us to print completely bespoke barcode formats meeting retailer and reseller requirements.

It is essential for your goods to be retail ready and we provide a range of services to support this, including, over-labelling, stickering, price point application, special offer notifications and additional marketing enhancements to pre-existing or new product ranges.

Whatever your packaging, labelling and security requirements, our dedicated team of customer service specialists are on hand to manage the process for you. If you have a more specific or complex requirement, please get in touch today.

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