Secondary Packaging Services

Protecting your product every step of the way


CPG Logistics was awarded an MHRA Manufacturer’s/Importer’s Licence in 2012 for secondary packaging. Since then we have continued to develop the range of services provided through investment in facilities and machinery.

Our secondary packaging services are reliable, thorough and well-trusted. We are always striving to improve our logistics solutions for our customers from providing sleeve wrapping, promotional packs and counter display units (CDUs) for distribution to retail, to creating clip strips, product bundles and gift sets. All our secondary packaging services are designed with our clients, their varied sectors and often valuable products in mind.

If you need a bespoke solution then at CPG we are happy to discuss your requirements. With us, you will be matched with customer service specialists who are trained to provide you with packaging production management and support. Quality inspections and sign offs are also as standard with any of our services.

CPG’s hands-on approach ensures that all our secondary packaging services are carried out and delivered to the highest standard to guarantee that your items are well catered for at every stage; from NPI, to Point of Sale and through to lifecycle end.

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