Pick and Pack Services

Systems driven to ensure accuracy


At CPG Logistics, our pick and packing services are systems driven to ensure the best possible service is delivered to our customers.

With SAP deployed to drive the put away and picking strategy and with trained personnel using RF terminals/barcode scanners we pick orders in the most efficient way. When it comes to packing, orders are placed into relevant containers and packaged carefully to ensure the safe transit of goods. Standard packaging can be provided through to more bespoke packaging for specific shipments including military packaging. Additionally, we ensure that a despatch note is included within every order, detailing the precise contents of each package.

Our technology, adaptable staffing framework and flexible processes allow us to manage and control peaks in demand, whether this be month end, seasonal or more complex year-end requirements.

In the same way, our pick and pack services can also extend to accommodate more complex requirements that many goods demand. For example, we can adjust and tailor our picking strategies to meet the goods’ requirements and can pick and pack products according to; first-in first out (FIFO), last-in first out (LIFO), first-expiry first-out (FEFO) and even picking via shelf-life expiration date (SLED). These picking strategies can also be applied to the demands of any relevant goods, whether that’s a leaflet, medicinal product, or serial numbered parts.

At CPG Logistics, we are proud of our excellent level of high quality pick pack services and our reputation in this area has been worked hard for.

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