Warehousing Solutions

Experience and best practice is at our core


Our warehousing solutions have been based upon experience and best practice and they are designed entirely around inventory management. Depending on the specific client, product and job requirements, we ensure that suitable warehousing will be used.

At present, we have four facilities at Fareham Reach, Gosport in Hampshire, each with varying capabilities, including; high-bay warehousing, mezzanine picking floors, temperature and dust controlled areas.

We are proud to operate our warehouses on behalf of our customers. Meaning that we dedicate our systems and people to run our facilities with key objectives in mind. These include, managing and being focused on improving efficiency and functionality, taking into account the activity profile and of course the practical and operational needs of any inventory.

At CPG, we have deployed SAP throughout our facilities. This provides a proven and robust warehouse management system to manage all inventory processes. Designed to manage complex warehouse structures, we have continued to utilise the applications in all aspects of our warehousing and production operations.

We are dedicated to ensuring that we have robust systems in place as well as all necessary physical controls, so that we can guarantee a safe and secure storage environment for all of our customer’s goods.

Not only this, but we have the knowledge and expertise to manage a diverse range of high value items, including; controlled drugs, consumer electronics and classified MOD equipment. Although we provide shared or multi-user facilities, we operate with strict segregation for our customers which further assures secure storage abilities.

In addition to this, we have the systems in place that mean we can link to other warehousing solutions. By doing this we are able to physically manage orders and virtually manage various inventories, sending orders to alternative locations to support operations in other areas.

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