Waste Reduction and Recycling



Reducing waste and the impact our business has on the environment is paramount. As a logistics company there are two main outward facing areas of focus: transport and packaging.

The majority of items shipped from CPG are via a parcel or pallet network, delivering efficiencies by reducing the miles per package and the number of vehicles delivering goods on the road. All packaging options are assessed to ensure the least environmental impact whilst guaranteeing the packaging used suitably protects goods whilst in transit. FSC accredited suppliers are used to ensure that materials are from well managed forests and/or recycled sources and where possible goods are shipped in original packaging reducing the need for new packaging.

We continually evaluate our current packaging options, new and innovative packaging ideas, and the overall environmental impact.

We have implemented a number of initiatives across the business including:

  • All waste is segregated and placed into the correct waste streams, including paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, WEEE/ hazardous/ medicinal/ general waste
  • General waste is sent to a sorting depot where the waste goes through an additional process to sort items that could be recycled
  • All waste produced from washroom hygiene bins is processed to generate electricity which is fed into the National Grid
  • Disused computer equipment is wiped clean of data and then sent for recycling via WEEE waste
  • PIR lighting is used so that lights are only turned on when they are in use
  • All new lighting will use LED to reduce both the electricity usage and the need for bulb replacements
  • To reduce the use of plastic bottles, filtered water systems are supplied to all staff. This in turn supports clean drinking water initiatives in third world countries

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