About Us

More than a logistics provider

CPG Logistics is a long established privately owned company that has provided logistics services since 1978. Today, we are recognised as one of the UK’s foremost solution providers for both specialist logistics services and supply chain management.

Our client base ranges from large global corporations to smaller more localised businesses and we pride ourselves on delivering the best service regardless of client size.

We operate from state of the art facilities, with three UK warehouses in Gosport, Hampshire, consisting of 18,000 square meters of quality warehousing and 4,000 square meters of dedicated production and assembly areas operating to GMP standards. Accommodating standard, Euro and oversized pallets along with extensive picking locations and GMP production facilities, this flexibility means we can offer our clients tailored solutions even for those products with the most stringent storage and transportation demands.

Diversity in both capability and expertise enables CPG to offer a wide range of services. These include storage and distribution, production services, kitting activity, online ordering systems, inventory management, marketing services and much more.

Key to CPG Logistics’ continued success is our people, our culture and our commitment to providing exceptional levels of service. These values, combined with the continued investment in technology and facilities as well as understanding our customers, their requirements and the markets in which their industry operates are fundamental to CPG as a business, today and in the future.

At CPG, we are extremely passionate and this passion is driven just as much from the bottom up as it is top down. We collaborate with our customers on an organisational and individual level. This places CPG in a position where we are able to become not just a logistics provider, but a tangible extension to our client’s organisations.