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Critical Sector Support

March 2020

The Government announced the critical sectors that will need essential support during the COVID-19 crisis. CPG provide services to a number of customers that operate within these including:

  • Health and social care
  • Public safety and national security
  • Utilities, communications and finance

Key worker status has been approved for a number of our staff where their roles are necessary for the continuation of our services to you, ensuring they can safely leave their children in an education setting.

We believe this announcement will enable us to continue to operate throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We will update you as the situation progresses and thank you for your ongoing support during these uncertain times.

CPG Update In reference to covid-19​

March 2020

We wanted to update you on the steps we are taking to ensure CPG can continue to provide services to you during the coming weeks. Protecting the health of our employees is of utmost importance to us but our focus remains on providing ordering and delivery capability along with other related services for our customers.

1. The warehouse will continue to operate and we have the capacity to support additional workload. Please advise us of any changes you anticipate to your business needs.

2. Our key employees are equipped to connect remotely with colleagues and customers in a secure environment. We feel confident in our continued ability to serve your business, regardless of our physical work location.

3. We provide alternative channels to reach healthcare professionals, patients and veterinary staff with information and resources through our Medisa channels.

If you are looking for different ways in which to meet customer demand, please contact Laura D’Souza at laura.d’ who will be happy to talk to you in more detail about your requirements.

4. We hope to be among the list of essential businesses that will be permitted to remain open during the UK Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) We will keep you informed as and when we know more.

5. Parcelforce have issued a statement clarifying their service levels during this time. Please contact us should you require a copy of the statement. They will continue to deliver on a best endeavours basis as they have suspended all Service Guarantees. International shipments will be maintained for the time being.

We continue to monitor the situation and will follow the latest UK Government and WHO advice.  The safety of our employees and customers remains our top priority and we will update you further as the situation evolves. 

CPG Statement In reference to covid-19​

March 2020

In light of the ongoing developments of the Coronavirus (COVID -19) we would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the precautionary steps we have taken to make sure it remains ‘Business as Usual’ as far as possible:

  • Our senior management team is meeting on a daily basis to review the situation. We are constantly monitoring all advice given by local and national authorities, as well as public health advice and WHO guidelines
  • Clear guidance has been issued to all employees, advising them of measures to reduce virus spread
  • We are actively monitoring anyone who has or may have been exposed to the virus through travel or contact with people from affected areas and where necessary asking them to self-isolate
  • All our logistics partners are working to minimise the spread of the virus to ensure continuity of service during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
  • All our suppliers are communicating their Business Continuity plans and we are collaborating with them to reduce the risk of infection wherever possible
  • New hygiene routines have been implemented throughout our offices, with additional hand sanitisers installed in multiple locations around the building including toilets, kitchen, cafeteria areas and reception. NHS posters showing hand washing advice are displayed throughout the site
  • Where possible, we are limiting face to face meetings and events by using video or telephone conference sessions
  • We have agreed preferential customer status with local recruitment agencies, ensuring that should the need arise, we are able to cover sickness absence
  • All visitors are asked to complete and sign a Health questionnaire based on the Department of Heath advice and are being asked to sanitise as they enter the building and continue to do so whilst in and around the building

As the situation surrounding this virus evolves, we remain focused on the safety of our employees, whilst at the same time maintaining our services to our customers. We remain confident that we are equipped to deal with the challenges this outbreak presents and will keep you advised should there be any substantial change to this. – a new look and feel for 2020

February 2020

We are very excited to announce that in 2020 will have a brand-new look. Apart from the new layout, we have added new features to improve the user site experience.

New features will include:

  • Log in directly from the home page
  • ‘My account’ enabling users to update their account details including their email address, specialist interests and password
  • PIN feature to add materials to favourites, making the ordering process even quicker

  • Multiple delivery addresses to help those healthcare professionals who manage the ordering across multiple facilities
  • ‘Manage my orders’ to help the users track the progress of their orders and delivery status
  • Responsively designed so that the website can be used across desktop, mobile and tablet devices

These new features will help users navigate the site easier and find ordering the resources they need even quicker! We will keep you updated in our newsletters on the launch date!


Free item

February 2020

Did you know that on Pharmisa we can automatically add a ‘free item’ to an order? This feature ensures that ‘free items’ are despatched to accompany a specific material.

This option can be used for a variety of different reasons, whether it is to meet compliance regulations or simply to ensure that when a material is ordered that it is sent with associated information or resources.

Setting up free items on Pharmisa is quick and simple. For more information please contact your Customer Service team. 


Medisa reaches 45,000 registered users​

January 2020

We are very pleased to announce that Medisa has reached another milestone and now has over 45,000 registered users.

Medisa provides a range of online ordering options for healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients and carers to order information and resources when they need them. The ordering sites offer an easy, compliant way for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to provide information at the point of interest.

The two main ordering options are and incorporated Medisa sites. is used by a range of organisations as a cost-effective way to provide information online to HCPs and/or patients within the UK.

Incorporated Medisa sites are bespoke web ordering sites created specifically for individual clients, an easy way to provide an ordering element to an existing website, tailored according to client requirements.

To find out more about Medisa and to see how it can integrate with your sales and marketing activity, please contact the Medisa team on 01329 245 600.


Manage your recalls and withdrawals in pharmisa

January 2020

Managing recalls and withdrawals can often be a challenging task for our clients. Did you know that Pharmisa has a Recalls and Withdrawals (RAW) feature?

The functionality provides a robust, systems driven approach to managing a recall/withdrawal efficiently and compliantly while maintaining visibility down to individual respondent level.

A comprehensive range of reports provide a complete audit trail of respondent declarations, status of each recall/withdrawal as well as declared versus returned quantities for the full count and check service.

If you would like to discuss this new feature in more detail, please contact us.

CPG Children in Need Cake Bake​

December 2019

CPG has supported Children in Need for the last 15 years and this year was no different.

On Friday 15 November, the CPG talented bakers created mouth-watering cakes and tasty treats, all to help raise money for Pudsey. Those less talented in the art of baking bought raffle tickets for the chance to win one of the delicious cakes.

It was another fun event and we are pleased to say that we have raised £245.76, so a big thank you to everyone who took part.

CPG Christmas Goods in Opening Times ​​​​​​​

November 2019

Please see below CPG Goods in opening times during the Christmas holidays:

  • Tuesday 24 December: 08.00 – 12.00
  • Wednesday 25 December and Thursday 26 December: Closed
  • Friday 27 December: 08.00 – 15.00
  • Monday 30 December: Normal operating hours (08.00 – 16.00)
  • Tuesday 31 December:  08.00 – 12.00
  • Wednesday 1 January: Closed
  • Thursday 2 January: Normal operating hours (08.00 – 16.00)

If you or any of your contacts have a requirement that might be impacted by the opening times, please contact your Customer Service Team.

ParcelForce and Royal Mail Christmas Posting Dates

November 2019

For full details on recommended Christmas posting dates, please see the links on the right:

CPG focussing on waste reduction and recycling ​​​​​​​

November 2019

CPG Logistics are focused on reducing waste and the impact our business has on the environment. As a company we are continually evaluating our business practices and we focus on a number of key areas:

  • Packaging. We review packaging options twice yearly, evaluating our existing packaging, what is new to the market, cost implications and the level of protection for the goods
  • Environmentally sourced packaging. We only purchase packaging from FSC approved producers
  • Waste. Initiative across the business to ensure waste is segregated and placed into the correct waste streams. General waste is sent to a sorting depot where the waste goes through an additional process to sort items that could be recycled
  • Energy saving initiatives. PIR lighting and LED lighting used within our warehouses and office facilities

  • Transport. The majority of items shipped from CPG are via a parcel or pallet network, reducing the number of vehicles delivering goods on the road
  • Reduction in single use plastic. Filtered water systems provided across all facilities to reduce the use of single use plastic bottles
  • Training. Ongoing training with our warehousing operatives to pack orders to avoid damage in transit whilst not using excessive packaging
  • Feedback. We proactively ask for feedback from our customers on how their orders were packaged and the packaging used

For more information on CPG’s waste reduction and recycling initiatives, please take a look at our website.


November 2019

Our annual ABPI (The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry) training is taking place this week.

Provided by Compliance Hub, the training enables us to keep up to date with the changes in the ABPI Code of Practice to ensure our services remain compliant.

Our membership to Compliance Hub’s Agency Recognition and Training Scheme continues to demonstrate our commitment to complying with the codes of practice that affect our customers.

CPG preparing for brexit​​​​​​​

October 2019

In light of recent developments regarding the UK’s exit from the European Union, CPG’s Brexit Management Team are working with each customer who ship goods internationally to ensure that we can continue to despatch  orders post Brexit.

To send materials internationally, specific information is required for each item:

  • The correct commodity code
  • The correct item value
  • The country of origin
  • Instructions confirming at what point duty will be paid
  • EORI number
This information needs to be uploaded in our systems in advance of 31 October to ensure that international orders can still be sent. Without this information, these orders cannot be shipped.

As a business CPG is committed to implementing measures to ensure international shipments continue to be delivered on time, reducing the impact of Brexit on our customers and their business activities. Our full Authorised Economic Operator status (AEO status customs simplification (AEOC) and AEO status security and safety (AEOS)) further demonstrates the steps we have taken to ensure consignments travel through cross borders with fewer checks and minimum delay, in a safer and more secure environment.

If you need to discuss any specific requirements which may be impacted by the UK’s departure from the EU or if you have any concerns regarding activity post Brexit, please contact our Customer Service Team.

World’s biggest coffee morning at CPG

October 2019

 On Friday 27 September we joined in with the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Cakes were baked or donated, coffees were made, tuck shops were run, games such as guess how many berries in the pie were organised, all to raise money for this amazing charity.

Thank you to everyone who took part and donated money and helped us raise an impressive £785 doubling our previous record. Well done!


CPG – Member of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce 

October 2019

We are pleased to announce that CPG continues to be a Hampshire Chamber of Commerce member for the fourth consecutive year.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce is a membership organisation that helps promote local business through various media channels and also offers business support and advice. 

CPG Logistics awarded full Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status​​​​​​​

September 2019

In preparation for the United Kingdom’s (UK) exit from the European Union (EU), we wanted to reassure you of CPG Logistics’ position within the international supply chain.

HMRC has recently awarded CPG Logistics full Authorised Economic Operator status (AEO status customs simplification (AEOC) and AEO status security and safety (AEOS)). It ensures consignments travel through cross borders with fewer checks and minimum delay, at lower cost and in a safer and more secure environment.

AEO is a globally recognised customs and international supply chain security accreditation, providing assurance that security is paramount throughout our business, both from a physical and technical perspective.

AEO status provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • Reduced customs-related guarantees and costs
  • Lower risk score and fast-track priority treatment through customs
  • Mutual recognition around the world
  • Easier admittance to other customs simplifications, facilitations and import tax relief programs
  • Reduced risk of theft, loss or damage
  • Reduced customs-related errors
  • Inherent benefits when dealing with high risk or sensitive cargo

If you would like to discuss any specific requirements which may be impacted by the UK’s departure from the EU or if you have any concerns regarding activity post Brexit, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Planning for Christmas already? 

September 2019

Have you started planning your co-packing activity for Christmas or have you got an immediate requirement? Why not contact CPG Logistics to see how we can help.

CPG Logistics provide a range of services that support finished and semi-finished products. CPG’s production facilities are operated by fully trained GMP teams and we have the experience and accreditations to deliver high quality solutions at competitive prices. Call us today on 01329 245 600 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. 


CPG achieves aa rating BRC ACCREDITATION

September 2019

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) Standard for Storage and Distribution have confirmed that CPG has achieved an AA rating, the highest rating grade possible. This accreditation ensures that that food product integrity is maintained throughout the supply chain.

If you have any upcoming requirements, please contact our Customer Service Team.


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