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Assuring your delivery


CPG Logistics provides efficient and assured distribution services both in the UK and globally.

Our Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and bonded status demonstrate the physical and technical security measures we have in place at CPG to ensure the international supply chain is secure. Our Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status ensures consignments travel through cross borders with minimum delay, in a safer and more secure environment. Last year we despatched to 90 different countries, using effective distribution channels to reach the relevant customer base.

We work with a number of leading distribution partners which allows us to use the appropriate provider for every client regardless of industry, whether the goods in question are temperature sensitive, time sensitive, hazardous, oversized or have additional specialist requirements.

Our widespread partnering structure ensures the partner used is wholly suitable and best placed to manage the specific delivery requirements. For home deliveries, we only select distribution partners who are not affected by seasonal peaks, to provide and assure a continued level of service all year round.

CPG Logistics’ teams have built up vast experience in delivering into wholesalers, retailers and NDC’s, taking responsibility for managing the deliveries in line with the specifications, which, in many circumstances, can be very stringent. 

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