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Here at CPG Logistics, we strive to work with you to become an extension of your campaign or project teams. It is this partnership that ensures that the final execution, whether that is getting the right materials to the right place, at the right time or launching a sophisticated web-ordering site in time for a product launch, is managed effectively and efficiently. Such management assures that you, as a business, can yield the highest return on investment for a particular campaign, which, ultimately, is the goal of any marketing activity.

We carefully select appropriate personnel for our campaign teams, which are then even more carefully selected to fit with our clients. This guarantees that our customers are delivered the right skill sets relevant to the specific campaign’s requirements.

It is true that in many cases the physical fulfilment part of a campaign is forgotten about. This is instead a sign that so much focus is given to the production, design and print of the marketing materials themselves. This is no bad thing, as being a logistics company, fulfilment is second nature to us, allowing our customers to focus on other campaign activities.

Fulfilment is managed as part of the campaign timeline, with recommendations drawn from many campaigns as to the most effective fulfilment methods.

In addition to campaign support, our teams provide forecasting reports to assist with pre-campaign planning and reporting that is wholly based on the post campaign effectiveness and ROI. This reporting is customisable and will vary from campaign to campaign, depending on requirements.

CPG Logistics’ campaign teams boast a wealth of experience working with many different industries, including pharmaceutical, healthcare, optical, OTC, and across many types of campaigns such as bespoke and branded web-ordering portals, seasonal campaigns, new product launches to name but a few.

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