Marketing Services

We understand, support and deliver


We have experience in providing a wide range of marketing services to support brand teams achieve sales, hit marketing targets and to make those overarching business objectives a reality.

We offer a comprehensive range of on and offline marketing services to our clients. Whether you require more traditional solutions or bespoke and fully customised systems, we have the software, knowledge and ability to implement whatever is needed.

We offer a broad range of marketing activities that span the entire marketing-mix, including but not limited to:

  • Storage of marketing materials and promotional items
  • Bespoke web-based ordering options and systems
  • Exhibition and meetings management
  • Delivery to your customers using a variety of distribution options
  • Kit collation, POS assembly and rework activity
  • Campaign support
  • Mailing services including response and fulfilment mechanisms
  • Management tools and reporting
At CPG Logistics, we recognise and understand how marketing services vary and change from industry to industry. We have extensive experience dealing with a diverse range of industries, but in particular with the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries providing online ordering channels for marketing materials for over 6,000 representatives and head office personnel and over 55,000 UK healthcare professionals.

All our marketing activities can be stand-alone services or implemented as part of a wider objective. However, we pride ourselves on our capability to back up these services with our systems, technology, reporting tools and our dedicated teams who will be an important, supportive extension to your own teams. All activities are reported on to help you measure effectiveness to assure the best possible return on investment.

Our services have developed vastly over the years, and it is this gradual steady growth and refinement that ensures that all marketing services provided evolve in tandem with our clients’ marketing strategies and practices. This synchronization allows CPG Logistics to truly support, predict and surpass pre-discussed business objectives.