Order Processing and Fulfilment

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At CPG Logistics, we are able to receive, process and fulfil orders through a variety of different channels and mediums. This includes but is not limited to web-based orders and XML/CSV files. We can also interface with clients to accept orders through e-commerce sites.

All orders are processed in line with agreed SLAs by our dedicated customer service teams who are responsible for their own client’s orders and activity. The team manages special requests when processing orders, understand business critical requirements and ensures resource is allocated accordingly.

Once orders are processed, they are then fulfilled by our warehouse teams who are dedicated to ensuring a high-quality standard of service is continued throughout the process. With SAP deployed to drive the picking strategy and with trained personnel using RF terminals/barcode scanners we pick orders in the most efficient way. When it comes to packing, orders are packaged carefully to ensure the least environmental impact whilst guaranteeing the packaging used suitably protects goods whilst in transit.

Standard packaging can be provided through to more bespoke options for specific shipments including military packaging.

Our pick and pack services can accommodate more complex requirements that many goods demand. For example, first-in first out (FIFO), last-in first out (LIFO), first-expiry first-out (FEFO), and even picking via shelf-life expiration date (SLED). These picking strategies can also be applied to the demands of any relevant goods, whether that’s a leaflet, medicinal product, or serial numbered parts.

Our technology, adaptable staffing framework and flexible processes allow us to manage and control peaks in demand, whether this be month end, seasonal or more complex year-end requirements. At CPG Logistics, we are proud of our excellent level of high quality pick pack services and our reputation in this area has been worked hard for.

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