Reporting and Forecasting Services

Providing complete visibility


At CPG Logistics, we have a secure data warehouse that provides us with the ability to extract information for in-depth analysis.

Our extensive range of reports are customisable so they can suit client’s specific requirements, however complex. This means that all information and data supplied is done so in a manageable and accessible format and at an agreed frequency.

Timely and accurate information can be provided at different intervals within the materials lifecycle. External factors are also reported on to provide a complete picture to our clients of the overall supply chain.

Reporting capabilities are extensive, but as an example can include, supplier performance, material movements, exception reporting, ordering behaviour and demand through to returns, destruction and obsolescence.

A number of reports are also accessible online allowing our clients to draw down the information required when they need it. Reports can be adapted to match our clients, their brands and their business needs.

We can provide comprehensive forecasting tools to help our customers plan for and meet demand, however complex. 

Our forecasting tools promise a healthy potential for ROI as they work hard to minimise costs and waste by prefiguring the required amount of goods and materials to meet demand. As a result, the amount of surplus and wasted stock is heavily reduced, and in many cases negated entirely.

Forecasting does not have to be overcomplicated. It can simply involve the provision of an online pre-order service allowing people to place orders for goods and materials which enables managed production between the order being placed and a campaign or product’s launch date.

We also can implement more complex tools to provide a full user-friendly and graphics-based approach to demand forecasting.

At CPG Logistics we have an expert business intelligence team who, over many years, have refined our online and offline reporting capabilities to ensure data is provided at a time that is best for our customers. This can be on demand, on a scheduled basis, or as a one off.

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