Leading provider of sales support for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries


Having worked with pharmaceutical and healthcare clients since 1992, we have built up extensive experience over the years which has led us to develop services aligned with the stringent requirements demanded in these industries.

We are proud to be the UK’s leading specialist provider of pharmaceutical and healthcare sales force support logistics and marketing services. Pharmisa is our in-house online ordering and administration system for marketing collateral, promotional materials and business related items. Currently supporting over 5,000 sales professionals and head office personnel, Pharmisa is simple, easy to use and responsively designed, meaning that it is compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This makes it the ideal partner for both those office based and sales teams on the road.

Our Pharmisa software is highly functional and dynamic. Regardless of orders being simple standard orders, more complex meeting/event orders, repeat bulk orders or time specific standing orders, Pharmisa can efficiently facilitate all order types in line with any necessary requirements.

Pharmisa can be configured to manage workflows, including advising of a delivery, requesting destruction, quarantining of goods, requesting samples for hard copy approvals, managing all authorised system users and of course providing a full audit trail. All allocations and allowances are managed to ensure materials and items are assigned to the relevant personnel in the quantity and frequency required.

All our clients, not only those in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries enjoy full visibility and reporting which is available online through Pharmisa or on request.


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