Regulation Requirements

Ensuring your supply chain is compliant


The need to comply with regulations, both on a UK and International scale has become an inescapable part of logistics in today’s global world.

Meeting regulatory requirements, for an in-house logistics department, can often prove challenging. This predominantly is due to the sheer amount of diversity that exists within regulation requirements of different countries, areas, sectors and transportation types. However, at CPG Logistics we have the necessary systems, processes and experience to ensure that your supply chain is compliant and consistent.

Regulation requirements differ depending on the country, product supplied and its use, but as an example, we are able to create Certificates of Origin, Customs Declarations, Certificates of Authenticity, Certificates of Conformity and of course, invoices.

However, at CPG Logistics our Authorised Economic Operator status (AEO status customs simplification (AEOC) and AEO status security and safety (AEOS)) ensures we have the necessary systems, processes and controls to ensure that your supply chain is compliant and consistent.

Our AEO status provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • Reduced customs-related guarantees and costs
  • Lower risk score and fast-track priority treatment through customs
  • Mutual recognition around the world
  • Easier admittance to other customs simplifications, facilitations and import tax relief programs
  • Reduced risk of theft, loss or damage
  • Reduced customs-related errors
  • Inherent benefits when dealing with high risk or sensitive cargo

Adherence to regulations extends to include CPG Logistics conforming to the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) Base Code, providing our clients with the assurance of our own working practices and ethical approach to business. We are also able to offer in-depth advisory services via our specially trained teams.

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