Supply Chain Management

Streamline operations and reduce costs


CPG Logistics have extensive experience in managing complex supply chains and as a result have dedicated in house supply chain experts. We have an in-depth knowledge of supply chain management across all manner of industries and organisations, helping businesses to increase their competitive advantage, streamline operations and ultimately reduce costs.

The standards and accreditations CPG Logistics has in place ensures businesses can operate on a successful international basis. Our bonded warehouse status enables imported goods to be stored, with the advantage of customs duties payment only being applied when the goods are released from bond. Port-centric to both Portsmouth and Southampton, our location reduces both time and costs for our customers when importing and exporting goods.

Our Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status is a globally recognised customs and international supply chain security accreditation and provides trusted trader status amongst regulators and business partners alike.

Our teams work to synchronise your supply network with your distribution and manufacturing networks to ensure that the right product is in the right place at the right time.

We are meticulous in taking into consideration all environmental factors – both internal and external – when managing any supply chain operation. For instance, current processes and procedures and their specific drivers, local product customisation requirements, any cultural issues that may specifically affect the way in which local markets operate, manufacturing locations and the distribution requirements across whole organisations.

IT is a pivotal part of any successful supply chain. As a result, CPG Logistics is continually investing in the technology driving ours and our clients’ businesses. Our development and systems integration team are well experienced and knowledgeable in a range of technologies, systems and software.

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