Returns and Destruction Services

Ensuring cost and waste is minimised


At CPG Logistics, we manage returns to ensure that all costs and waste is minimised. To achieve this, we undertake root cause analysis on any return so that we can understand why the goods were returned.

This informative approach ensures that CPG Logistics, as a company, is always learning and adapting to limit these situations.

We know that returns can often be a complicated and timely process for companies, this is why we have ensured that organising for goods to be returned can be easily requested either through our online system or our dedicated customer service teams.

We have effective recalls and withdrawal processes in place for managing more specific and complex goods, such as pharmaceutical marketing materials, product and devices.

Trained technicians within our technical service centre are on hand to perform specific checks on a range of goods, providing refurbishment, inspection and remedial rework on returns to ensure that all products re-entering the supply chain comply with client requirements and quality standards.

In addition, we offer a range of secure destruction options and working with our clients agree the most suitable option to reduce any potential environmental impact.

Our range of destruction services include:

  • Irreversible destruction i.e. shredding and incineration
  • Hazardous product removal
  • WEEE for electrical products
  • Specialist pharmaceutical services for medicinal waste

We work with a number of specialist destruction partners. This allows us to ensure that the partner used for the physical destruction of any material, is the most appropriate depending on the goods, the nature of the remaining waste and how best to manage it from an environmental perspective.

All CPG Logistics’ destruction services are fully documented, process driven and kept wholly confidential as with all other services.

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