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Over the last 30 years, we have worked exceptionally hard to push ourselves to the forefront of logistics and management solutions. CPG Logistics as a company are focused on delivering effective results to a wide-ranging customer base. We possess a unique combination of theoretical best practices and practical hands-on experience. Our teams are experts in their fields and continue to learn and develop to adapt to your company’s needs.

We have proven our capability in providing high quality services for many organisations in many industries time and time again. This is shown through a long list of widely regarded accreditations and standards that we operate to.

Our dedicated customer service teams understand you as a customer, your requirements and the environments in which you operate – however complex. We are never deterred from a job because of its size – big or small – or if a requirement looks difficult to implement. Consequently, it is no surprise that CPG Logistics’ open minded approach has afforded us the experience needed to effectively manage complex projects.

We also work with our customers to continually pursue cost and inventory optimisation. This allows us to take a uniquely proactive approach to help our customers improve not only their inventory but their efficiency. This collaborative style of working means that we are able to reduce costs, drive down waste, improve performance and deliver a service that exceeds expectations.

All of this combined makes CPG Logistics what we are today. We don’t just provide a static service. Ours is one that is continually adapting, improving and evolving to cater for our clients’ needs. We are always developing our systems, improving our knowledge, investing in our facilities, this is what separates CPG from the competition.

The best way to understand our service is to experience it for yourself. Call us today to discuss what solution would best fit your requirements and transform your business’ efficiency.

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