Inventory Management

OptimiSe budgets and reduce obsolescence


Our warehouses and systems are designed entirely around inventory management. At the same time, CPG Logistics teams are true inventory experts allowing us to manage high value and complex inventories.

CPG Logistics’ warehousing and distribution processes cover the entire material flow, from receipt through to despatch. Throughout this process, we guarantee our clients complete visibility through the thorough reporting of any and all material movements.

We strive to lower our client’s inventory and capital tie-up, optimise their budgets and reduce stock obsolescence.

To achieve this, we have deployed SAP throughout our facilities, to optimise efficiencies and hold inventory in the most efficient locations. Stock reservations are also handled by SAP’s advanced inventory and warehouse management modules.

We provide extensive inventory management reports which include data such as run rates over different periods, number of working days left on a material based on current stock and usage levels, inactive materials and obsolescence etc.

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